PE 16.01.19

This afternoon we tested our strength and flexibility with vertical and horizontal jumps. Is height an advantage or is the extra weight more of a disadvantage?screen shot 2019-01-16 at 20.22.15img_7921 (1)img_7922 (1)



In English lessons, we are considering the British identity.

Lots of 6AF had a great understanding of some of the eccentricities British people might be known for around the world, drinking lots of tea, ‘posh’ accents and… jellied eels!

British means…  watching movies, having rights, Yorkshire Tea, Jacob’s crackers, cheddar cheese and camping! (Ferdi)

We also talked about the ideals of equality, diversity and multiculturalism that Britain continues to grapple with today and lots of children were understandably wavering between understanding how modern Britain’s identity is closely tied to these ideals, while being at odds with many past events.

Yes, Britain has not always been a perfect country. Yes, it has had lots of ups and downs and mistakes. But Britain has achieved lots of amazing things… Pablo

We looked at the London Olympics Opening Ceremony from 2012 as one celebration and expression of ‘Britishness’ in particular, where the world was wowed by the British people’s capacity for drama, comedy and huge cooperation and team spirit.

Here are some of our first thoughts reflecting on our new topic, as we grapple with the difficult ideas in the past and present:

To me, being British means we welcome people from all different backgrounds, support them in any way we can and provide them with  our charity and opportunities.


To be welcoming is to share and be kind but in my opinion Britain is not achieving this.


For me, what it means to be British is to be accepting and open-minded. Here you can express who you are through your gender, sexuality and opinion…


…being British means to have great sportsmanship…’ 

O’Rian (This makes me think of our England football manager, Gareth Southgate’s kindness to the Colombian player who missed his penalty in the recent World Cup…)

Britain has taken a big step in the last hundred years towards equality to all mean and women…


I think British values are being able to be what you want and express your thoughts…

Taferrel  – In fact, this will be our focus over the next week as we look at our government’s four British Values:

  1. Democracy
  2. Rule of Law
  3. Individual Liberty
  4. Respect and tolerance for different faiths and beliefs

We’re evolving!

This term our science topic is Evolution! Today we talked about how scientists explain the way that life has evolved (slowly!) Here is Ava’s representation of our learning today:

ava evolution

Next week’s science lesson will be about genetic inheritance.  It would be great if the children could bring in photos of parents and grandparents to look at in the lesson, including, if possible, pictures taken when they were a similar age to the children now.

Either a hard copy or digital emailed to would be great.


Grammar and punctuation… why!?

Today we were discussing why grammar and punctuation matter so much. Turns out it is essential for making sure your meaning is clear and to avoid ambiguity. We looked at this favourite example:

The panda eats shoots and leaves.

The panda eats, shoots and leaves.

Bad grammar is at best sloppy and at worse life-threatening!

Let’s eat, Grandma!

Let’s eat Grandma!

Here is the more complex example we discussed:

Vanilla which is grown in Madagascar makes delicious ice-cream. (Only the vanilla grown in Madagascar makes delicious ice-cream.)

Vanilla, which is grown in Madagascar, makes delicious ice-cream. (Vanilla makes delicious ice-cream, and it is grown in Madagascar.)

I wonder if anyone can suggest a similar example in the comments below. The sillier the better!




New term, new topics

This week we’ve been getting back into the swing of maths, ‘publishing’ our Harry Potter stories, and preparing to begin new topics next week.

Yesterday Ms Atkins spoke with the children about British Values, and particularly how the 2012 London Olympic Ceremony celebrated these. Here are the ideas genereated by the class:

We’ll begin a piece of formal writing in response to this next week.

This term in science we are learning about evolution and in art we are using landscape art as a starting point for our work around Macbeth later in the term.

We started a new whole school lining up competition (winner chooses the new song for the next week!) Great start in 6AF: