Costume Update

We chatted with children on Friday about costumes. Here is the ongoing plan (made possible because of some incredible parent help – thank you!)

Choir Night

On the night that children are NOT in the cast, they will form our choir. e.g. if you are Friday cast you will be in the choir on the Thursday night. For the choir night, children need to be in all black. There is no need to bring this outfit into school, children can simply wear it to school on the evening of their choir performance.

Cast Night

On the night your child is in the cast, they will be in costume. Generally costumes are shared between the 2 actors playing the part on different nights. To capture the Arabian Nights theme, we are going for ‘jewel colours’ – rich blues, magentas, purples, golds, turquoises etc. If anyone owns ‘harem’ style trousers like this to wear/loan let me know as we’ll need lots! They will have socks/bare feet on stage. Here are the ideas we and the children have discussed:

Guards/Narrators/Prince Ali’s servant/Parade Announcers/Wedding Officials/Thief – We have some waistoats, headdresses and trousers coming on loan which we can share out. Children need to have a black or coloured t-shirt to go underneath waistcoats.

Jafar – Costume provided.

Magic Carpet – costume being made.

Iago – Costume provided – just need a t-shirt and trousers/leggings underneath.

Sultan – Costume provided.

Queen – Costume provided – need top/leggings for underneath.

Aladdin – Costume provided – need t – shirt to wear under waistcoat.

Baker/Market Seller – Chefs hats provided – children need aprons

Abu – costume provided

Jasmine – Costumes from home.

Jafar’s servants – Need black base layer to go with accessories provided at school.

Jasmine’s friends – we’ve got some outfits arriving soon on loan and I know some children have thought about their own.

3 prince suitors – costumes provided, just need t -shirt/trousers. (Black or to go with their theme colour.)

Genies – blue tshirts, hair chalk, face paint, gold sash and arm cuffs provided – need leggings/harem style trousers to go with (blue if possible.)





A reminder that everyone is invited to come into school on Friday dressed into school wearing the sports kit of their choice and donate a coin towards some new sports kit for our girls and boys sports team, and new PE equipment.

We are dressing to celebrate the exciting women’s sporting events taking place this summer; and our footballers’ success in the Soutwark and Lambeth League.

On Saturday Rosendale are competing in the final of the Magazine Cup – a match Rosendale haven’t won since 1984.  They will be playing at the Rosendale playing field at 10am.  Do go along and give them your support – Mr Reynolds is looking for a parent / carer who might be available to take photographs of the team.

Thank you for your support.

Rehearsals are well under way…

Rehearsals are well underway and gradually the show is coming together! We’re due to have completed one run through of all the scenes with both casts by the end of Friday, so children will need to practise their lines more before the next run through next week so we can progress.

We will talk more about costumes with children on Friday too – they’re usually made of a mix of sifting through wardrobes and dressing up boxes with a few additions from talented parents! Thanks everyone who’s already helping with that.

Children know if they’re Thursday or Friday cast (that’s the night you’ll want to buy tickets for when they come out in a week or so) but please remember they will all be needed at school from 6 o’clock on both Thursday 18th and Friday 19th July for both performances.